Shaneybrook's is always looking for rugs to add to our collections and pattern library. Below you will find a selection of some of the pieces we are looking for (please note, we are interested in far more than the few rugs shown below and we seek rugs in an exceptionally wide range of rugs in varied weaves, patterns and conditions).

You will also find a list of rugs that our customers are currently looking for. To submit something special you're hunting (example: rare custom size), please visit our Customer Submitted Wanted List section.

For rugs that are not on our want list, we might just not be aware of the pattern you have to offer. If it is something we already have, we still offer consignment services and other purchasing options.


Most of the examples shown here represent room sized rugs. We are seeking ALL sizes, from scatter rugs to sizes for large rooms and everything in between. We are also interested in other colour palette versions.

Each rug is referenced by Mill (if known) and quality specifications (if known). Each is numbered: Wanted 1, Wanted 2, etc. These numbers are for reference only -- they are not prioritized in any way. Please use the reference number when corresponding.

If you have a pattern that does not appear here, we may still be interested in it. Feel free to contact us.


Wanted 01: Whittall Anglo-Persian Wilton.

Shown here in a scan from a Whittall catalog plate, this "anglo-persian" quality wilton may have a label with the pattern number: 354, co lour number 357. We know this was also available with a dusty-rose/red background instead of the blue background shown here.

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Please use reference "wanted 01".



Wanted 02: Karagheusian Herati Wilton.

Shown in a Karagheusian catalog plate, this "herati" quality wilton may have the label with the pattern number: 831, color S.

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Please use reference "wanted 02".



Wanted 03: Whittall Bird of Paradise Anglo-Persian Wilton.

Shown here in a picture from our existing collection, this rug is referred to as the "Chinese" stylized version of their famous Bird of Paradise wilton rug.

The more popular and highly sought after edition of the "Bird of Paradise" pattern is the "Art Nouveau/Art Deco " version (shown below), which features flowing water motifs throughout the background of the field and willow style bonsai trees within the main border. We are always happy to obtain the more common version as it is always in high demand.



Whittall "Bird of Paradise" Pattern, Anglo-Persian quality wilton

art nouveau / art deco version with flowing water motifs and willow tree border


The version we are seeking for pattern reference is the "Chinese" version (shown below). It features Chinese motifs throughout the main border. Instead of the flowing water motifs and willow-tree border, this edition features bonsai trees within the field design and highly stylized Chinese culture icons within the border.

It should be noted, both the "Chinese" and "Art Nouveau" versions of this pattern are also referred to as "Modern Chinese" and "Anglo-Japanese" on labels appearing at different eras. The descriptions were broad and were often used on many different patterns.


Whittall "Bird of Paradise" Pattern, Anglo-Persian quality wilton

chinese version with bonsai tree motifs in field and stylized culture icon motif border



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